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Container Blade Recall

Recall Hotline: 1-888-350-4386

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why has Vitamix issued a recall?
A: Through our ongoing quality inspection program, Vitamix has become aware of a potential safety issue that we've seen in a fraction of one percent of our "64-ounce Low-Profile" containers. It is possible that the blades in this specific container may not meet our quality and durability standards and, under certain circumstances, can break and pose an injury risk to users.

Q: What product is being recalled?
A: The "64-ounce Low-Profile" containers manufactured between March 2012 and July 2013 are being recalled because of an issue with the blade. This container is sold with the Vitamix 7500™, Professional Series™ 750®, and Professional Series™ 300®. Only the container is being recalled. The motor and base are not affected.

Q: How many containers are affected?
A: Vitamix has received reports of an issue with 18 "64-ounce Low-Profile" containers, which is a fraction of one percent of these containers sold.

Q: Have there been any reports of injury from this issue?
A: No, there have been no reports of any injuries as a result of this issue.

Q: How did Vitamix learn about this issue?
A: Vitamix has rigorous quality control standards and has an ongoing program of monitoring feedback from our customers. We take feedback from our customers very seriously, and while we've seen this issue in a fraction of one percent of our "64-ounce Low-Profile" containers, we decided that a voluntary recall was the appropriate action.

Q: Has Vitamix fixed the problem?
A: Through rigorous testing, Vitamix engineers have designed a new blade for our "64-ounce Low-Profile" container that meets our quality and durability standards. The improved blade, approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has been placed in all "64-ounce Low-Profile" containers manufactured in August 2013 or later.

Q: Where were the affected blender models sold?
A: The Vitamix 7500™, Professional Series™ 750®, and Professional Series™ 300® were sold in the U.S. and Canada directly through Vitamix and through a variety of retailers.

Q: How can I determine if my product has been recalled?
A: You can quickly determine if your product has been affected by looking at the blade in your "64-ounce Low-Profile" container. The part number and manufacture date are etched on the top of the blade, under the logo. If the part number is 103208 A and the manufacture date is before August 2013 (shown as 08-13), your container is affected and needs to be replaced.

Q: What should I do if I think my product has been recalled?
A: After looking at the blade, if you feel your container is affected by the recall, please click here to enter your serial number and receive further instructions on getting a replacement container. The serial number is an 18-digit number located on the bottom of your blender.

Q: What will Vitamix do once I enter my serial number and contact information?
A: Once we verify that your "64-ounce Low-Profile" container has been affected by the recall, we will send you a return kit, which includes a box, prepaid shipping label, and instructions. When we receive your old container, we will replace the blade with the improved design and ship the container back to you.

Q: How long will it take to receive the return kit?
You should receive your return kit in 2 to 4 days.

Q: Can I use my recalled container until I receive my return kit?
A: Though no injuries have been reported to Vitamix to date, we recommend that you have your "64-ounce Low-Profile" container repaired immediately, and do not use the container until we have returned it with the new blade design.

Q: After following the instructions in the return kit, when can I expect to receive my container with the new blade?
A: Once we receive your old container, we will replace the blades with the improved blades approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and ship it back to you at no charge within 5 to 7 business days of receiving it.

Q: How can I know that my blade was replaced when I receive my container back from Vitamix?
A: The part number etched on the top of the new blade, under the logo, will be 104602 A, and the manufacture date will be August 2013 (shown as 08-13) or after.

Q: What will happen if I choose not to have my container repaired?
A: If you have the Vitamix 7500™, Professional Series™ 750®, or Professional Series™ 300® with a "64-ounce Low-Profile" container that has a blade etched with the serial number 103208 A, then your blade is affected and needs to be replaced. You should not use your "64-ounce Low-Profile" container until the blade has been replaced. Please contact us to have your container repaired.

Q: How long do I have to participate in the recall?
A: We urge you to have the blade replaced in your "64-ounce Low-Profile" container as soon as possible so that you can continue to use it. However, Vitamix will repair the blade at any point during the life of the container.

Q: Can I return my blender to the store where I purchased it?
A: Depending on your retailer's return policy and how long it has been since you purchased the machine, you may be able to return it to the store where it was purchased. However, we encourage you to return the container directly to Vitamix for repair via the established recall process and to receive your extended warranty on the entire unit for an additional year above our standard 7-year warranty.

Q: Are recalled products still on the shelves at the above retail locations?
A: No, the affected products were pulled from store shelves and have been replaced with products that include the improved blade design.

Q: Why are affected blender models currently available on
A: All "64-ounce Low-Profile" containers available on since August 2013 include the improved design and are not affected by the recall.

Q: Will recalled containers and/or blades be sold as Certified Reconditioned products?
A: No. The recalled containers and blades do not meet our quality and durability standards or our standards for the Certified Reconditioned Series.